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AGGREGATE MATERIALS - Designer Investment


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Aggregate Materials


If you are interested in Aggregate Materials please send us your specifications and continue to checkout to enter your address. We will send you an Invoice prior to delivery for your review. Material and labor cost are dependent on your job specifications.  If you choose to proceed, you can easily make a payment through your desktop or mobile phone. We will then deliver to the specified location. 

Looking for Aggregate Services or Material? From small to large projects, let us fulfill your project needs! Our professional drivers will deliver directly to your job location. We serve all of the Smith Lake Area.


A  mixture of half Manufactured Sand and half #57 Gravel. The Stone is crushed to size, leaving the dirt, which is perfect for driveway gravel. 


Rip Rap

Rip Rap is a stone that has been crushed to size and screened for impurities. Perfect choice for adding to strength and protection to your project. Commonly referred to as Shot Rock or Gabion and often used as defense against shoreline erosion.



#4 Limestone Gravel, a clean crush limestone, is perfect for concrete work or drainage. 

#57 is a good option as a base layer for walkways or landscaping filler around paving stones

Pea Gravel

Composed of minimal sand content, pea gravel is typically used in field produced hand mixed concrete, in landscaping or children's playground areas.


River Rock

Perfect use for drainage to direct water runoff or decorative landscaping projects, known for its smooth, rounded texture and versatility. River Rock comes in a range of sizes, but are typically is one to two inches in diameter.



Fill Sand is recommended for many projects that require a backfill material. Because it compacts into a solid mass, as its name suggests, it's a substance comprised of very fine particles of rock, having been sifted down to the smallest sizes, that has a very high compaction rating.


Top Soil

Top Soil is used when installing a complete lawn or filing in low spots and is ideal for plant or lawn growth.


Fill Dirt

Fill dirt consists of a mixture of broken down rocks, sand and clay. It contains little fertility for plants to grow, or any organic matter. Perfect to fill in larger areas, where topsoil may not be needed.


Gravel Installation Instructions: 


New gravel driveways should be done in two layers.

  •  Base should be #2 Gravel 

  • You will then use #57 Gravel, the appropriate depth of stone should be 3" to 4"

  • Vehicles and time will push the gravel into the soil which will require more gravel initially than if the area already had a hard base to lay upon.

  • In 2-3 years, you may need to refresh the area until the ground is hard enough to no longer allow the gravel to be pushed into the soil.

  • Existing driveways need approximately 2" of gravel. You may need more if the previously layered gravel has been pushed deep into the soil.


  • Patios need at least 4" of #57 Gravel as a base with a leveling agent like #9 gravel for the stone to lay naturally on.

  • If you plan to place heavy objects on the patio such as a fireplace or hot tub, you need at least 6" of gravel to reduce sinking in that area.



    • #57 Gravel is also regularly used for backfill on a retaining wall. This allows water to flow over and through the ground towards your wall but instead of pushing soil over, into, and through your wall, the soil and water can move through the #57s instead.


    • Small structures such as sheds generally need 3"-4" inches of #57 gravel while larger sheds may need more.



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